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Hair loss causes & treatment. How to treat hair loss? Medical hair restoration treatments to natural therapy for men & women losing hair Dallas DFW TX.

Hair loss

Nu Hair of Texas is a Dallas hair loss (Alopecia) specialist in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Treatments for hair loss range from surgical hair transplants, medical hair growth drugs to natural cure approach to preventing more shedding hair and hair regrowth therapy. Treating female pattern alopecia differs from balding men’s hair loss treatments, says the Dallas hair restoration specialist.

Are you losing your hair? Are balding spots start showing? Restore your full head of hair with Nu Hair of Texas hair restoration solutions. Treat your alopecia with the best non surgical hair restoration treatment at our top-rated hair loss clinic in Dallas-DFW, Texas.

Hair replacement system for black men Dallas TX


How to treat hair loss? The Dallas hair loss clinic offers patients proven hair loss solutions for thinning hair or baldness in men, women, and children.

Hair loss treatments include medical laser hair regrowth therapy, non-surgical hair replacement system graft without hair transplant surgery. You will also find medical wigs, best human hair wigs in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas.

We Help Restore Your Hair.

Hair restoration

Female Laser Hair Growth Treatment Therapy Dallas DFW

Hair Loss Prevention. Stop hair from falling out and regrow your hair back with MEp90 laser hair therapy. FDA approved as a medical device to restore hair. The goal is to prevent more hair loss at the onset. 

Nonsurgical Hair RestorationJust the right amount of hair. No surgery hair replacement for men & women with hair loss. Nu Hair replacement system in Dallas, TX, is incredibly natural with ease and security that you’ll love. 

Men's Hair Replacement System is Hair Loss Treatment

We Help Restore Your Hair.

Nu Hair

Nu Hair has easy ways to get your hair back. You’re ahead of where you want to be with great looking hair and in-style.

We provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves.


Hair Loss Treatment in Dallas, Texas

Nu Hair of Texas offers the best hair restoration that has proven to work. Our experts trained in age-defying hair loss treatments are proven to restore your hair looks most natural. We’ll take you to the whole new world – doing all the things that you could not do before.

There is an unparalleled fullness of life with Nu Hair restoration. Get back to adventure and fun with your hair again and enjoy simpler everyday pleasures like enjoying a walk in the rain, a dive in the pool. Whether you’re showing thinning hair or complete baldness, get your full head of hair back. Since 1986, we’ve helped our hair restoration clients experience life to the fullest.

At our DFW Nu Hair restoration clinic, we use the latest technological hair loss treatments. Our Nu Hair Replacement is a non-invasive procedure hair system. No surgery discomfort, and pain-free process, and you’ll have a full head of hair back. See our laser hair therapy results and photos of our natural-looking hair systems or alopecia wigs. Nu Hair restoration inspires you to live a healthier life by helping you look good. At the same time, it gives that sense of security that goes with full hair. 

Real clients. Real results.

Experience life with Nu Hair restoration. Easy and beautiful.​

Real clients. Real results.

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At Nu Hair of Texas, we understand the ways hair loss affects your life – from inhibiting an active lifestyle to work success. Nu Hair puts hair you need right where it’s needed most. With innovations from start to finish, it transforms thin hair into a stylish full head of hair. See our hair restoration results



Hair Loss Treatment Clients' reviews

Thousands hair restoration clients trust Nu Hair of TX since 1986

"Losing my hair was traumatic. I tried perming, teasing, anything to keep my scalp from showing. I cried tears of joy when I got my hair back. With Reallusions I found my new self & it feels good."
Female Hair Loss Treatment Dallas DFW TX
Fanny, age 29
Female hair replacement
"I really got tired of being called the old man. I love my hair thanks to Nu Hair Replacement. It took 10 years off my appearance easily! I like the way I look. It's easy and affordable."
Jurgen Men's Hair Replacement System DFW
Jurgen S, Age 48
Men's hair system
"Michelle underwent chemotherapy. During her treatment she got herself a human hair wig to cover her total scalp baldness."
Medical Hair Loss Wig Dallas Texas
Medical wig

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