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Does hair restoration work? What results to expect with medical and non-medical treatments? Many look for hair transplants to help bring back their hair. On the other hand, Nu Hair has easy ways to get your hair back without going through a surgical hair transplant surgery. Indeed, you’re ahead of where you want to be with great-looking hair and in style. Moreover, see our laser hair therapy results and photos of our natural-looking hair systems or alopecia wigs. 

Get back to adventure and fun with your hair again and enjoy simpler everyday pleasures like enjoying a walk in the rain, a dive in the pool. Above all, since 1986, we’ve helped our hair restoration clients experience life to the fullest—experience life with Nu Hair loss treatments.

What is the best procedure for hair restoration?

Nu Hair, Dallas, Texas’s renowned hair replacement specialist, suggests that physician diagnosis is needed to evaluate the underlying disorder responsible for hair loss. Therefore, if you see sudden male hair loss, you should first check with your family doctor or internist. Secondly, visit your dermatologist, who will treat skin infections that may cause your hair loss. Thirdly, it may be necessary for you to see an endocrinologist for hormone imbalances, namely androgens. Further, in the USA and Canada, hair restoration solutions include medical treatments such as hair transplants or medical laser hair growth therapy. Similarly, you can restore your full hair loss with non surgical hair replacement systems, medical wigs, and hair extensions.