Hair Transplant Cost Review
Kenneth's hair loss was hellish for him at 25 years old. Nonsurgical hair replacement was a life changer.

Hair Transplant Cost Review

What consideration affects hair transplant cost? Dallas hair restoration specialist review of hair transplant cost. Where the hair grafts placed, how they are angled, and in what size combinations are the critical elements to obtaining a good fuller hair result. The training and experience of the doctor come into play. Careful attention to the shape of the patient’s face, the results the patient wants to achieve, and even future hair loss are other factors a good doctor considers when designing a custom surgical plan for the graft placement.

*Photos on this page are non-surgical hair replacement solutions

What does a hair transplant cost?

The critical consideration for any patient is to receive the natural coverage and density desired within the budget allowed. Cost per graft varies according to the doctor’s expertise, an area of coverage, what is a safe and effective range of the number of grafts per procedure a patient can take. Office evaluation determines the cost per graft. The office consultation is necessary to check if you are the right candidate for hair transplants or a nonmedical hair restoration technique.

How many grafts can a doctor transplant in a session?

Some doctors specialize in “large session” transplants moving upwards of 2000 follicular unit grafts with a natural result.

Note that hair transplant will not have the same coverage before one’s hair loss. The hair transplant surgery will give you more fullness. Proper diagnosis of your hair loss pattern by a hair loss surgery doctor will indicate what treatment areas are possible for you to explore.