Women’s Hair Loss Due to Hairstyling Product

Dallas, TX report – Women’s hair loss is due to Suaver hair smoothing, hairstyling product. Hundreds of women nationwide are suing the hairstyling product maker that they say caused them severe hair loss. The dispute is Suave’s Professionals Keratin Infusion, a hair treatment product, hairstyling for women who wanted “smooth, shiny, manageable hair.

The hair styling product contained an ingredient that would release formaldehyde, a cancer-causing substance. That could lead to symptoms that include irritation, skin sensitivity, and breathing difficulties. CNN reported.

Thinning hair and hair loss are common in women​. However, medication, illness, or chemicals can cause hair to fall and to stop hair from growing in a healthy hair growth cycle. MD, a dermatologist, should make a diagnosis of the cause of the hair loss. Some chemicals, like formaldehyde, unfortunately, can also cause your hair to fall out. It destroys hair cells, and can also cause the hair to fall out, according to Dermatologists.

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