People who suffer from hair loss due to cancer treatments find medical wigs as the best solution to cover the inevitable hair loss. Chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and also other cancer medications cause hair loss. However, soon there will be another option called DigniCap. It is an icy cap made to keep the scalp cold so the chemo drug will not reach the hair follicles, thus preventing hair loss.

The company that is trying to get FDA approval says that it is useful in about 86 percent of patients, but it varies depending on the specific chemo drug. The temperature of the cold cap must be minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit. The scalp of the patient needs to be chilled before the chemo treatment starts. 

Caps found to cause cancer in users

Two cases of patients who used scalp cooling caps contracted cancer in the scalp years after treatments. So it may be while for the cap to get FDA approval. Best is to use a medical wig prepared before the chemo treatments start. In most cases, the hair grows back after the treatments stop. 

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