Hair Extensions & Traction Alopecia

Read our hair extensions review Dallas, Texas. DFW hair loss expert report heavy use of hair extensions result in bald spots and thinning hair after several months of use. Loss of hair or severe hair fall is seen not only in middle-aged people but also in young adults using hair extensions in prolong time. The falling of hair, thinning, or visibility of the scalp has a significant impact on the individual. Hair loss causes vary from stress, hormonal changes, genetics, and many other reasons. Reversing baldness or controlling falling hair is continually being researched.

It appears that Kim is having hair loss trouble after the use of hair extensions. Images of their hair tied up in a high bun walking around in Los Angeles show visible hair loss. According to a leading DFW hair loss expert, this is traction alopecia. The regular bald round spots are a “show & tell” of hair extensions use. Being pregnant and having a baby is another reason that may affect hair loss. Also, fast weight loss is a stress on the body and also may cause hair loss.

Hair extensions use can cause hair loss

Nu Hair Texas expert says: “too often hairstylists improperly install too tight and too heavy hair extensions to cause traction alopecia.” Hair weaves use are even worse in their effect on hair. The extensions are intertwined with the hair by braiding tight together. Weaving puts a large amount of pressure on the hair roots that weakens that hair follicles. Eventually, the limp hair falls out. The intense pressure is so uncomfortable that many using weaves complain of migraine headaches. It is recommended by hairstylists to have non-damaging types of hair addition like a clip in that can be taken out in the evening to relieve any pressure on the hair roots.

More than 30 million women in the United States suffer hair loss, thinning hair, or baldness in some form. One in five women suffers from female hair loss. Women’s hair loss makes up forty percent of total hair loss sufferers in America.

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